Regrettably, it's a fact of modern day commercial reality that at some point in life you are likely to become embroiled in a dispute or litigation.

Understanding your business and your objectives are a key to our approach. We never forget that every client may have different needs and expectations. When necessary, we design and implement a bespoke service to meet a client's particular requirements.

We provide legal services on types of commercial matters including but not limited to shareholding and sale of businesses and business assets, mergers and acquisitions.

Recognising that litigation can be expensive, at the outset of any new instruction we will meet with you to discuss your requirements and assist you by developing a tailor made case strategy that fits your needs.

Commercial Contracts

Preparation of commercial contracts need not be expensive or time consuming. We are aware of what is likely to work well in different types of contracts. High value transactions, however, present greater risk to the parties and usually require greater investment and documentation to manage those risks. Invariably, the cost to properly document what has been agreed is greatly outweighed by the costs of failing to properly record the transaction and cater for the risks in the first instance. In the worst case, what would have been a good claim can present too much risk to obtain the desired remedies.

We are frequently requested to advise in relation to existing contractual agreements and the exercise of rights under those contracts including:

  • The effect of legal terms in force.
  • Terms which may be implied into contractual documentation, which do not appear on the face of the contract.
  • Whether or not particular terms of the contract may be exercised, and what may be done to exercise those rights.
  • Provide input and insights into parties' positions in negotiations to vary the terms of contracts.
  • Terminate contracts for breach of contract
  • Quantify damages arising by reason of a breach or repetition of breaches.

Insolvency Law

NM Aboo Attorneys offers sound commercial advice on contentious as well as Ron contentious insolvency related matters, providing competent and efficient service to our clients at cost effective rates.

Intellectual Property

NM Aboo Attorneys takes an interest in South African Intellectual Property law, including but not limited to the registration and protection of trademarks and patents, design and patent applications, and litigation thereon.

Property Law

NM Aboo Attorneys represents both landlords and tenants in residential property claims for possession and disrepair. We similarly represent both parties in disputed commercial end of lease issues.