Corporate Restructuring & Employment Law

Employment law is subject to considerable legislative control and change. These have practical implications for both Employers and Employees.

NM Aboo Attorneys provide a complete service to clients in all business sectors. We act for employers and employees in both contentious and non-contentious matters. We also provide commercial advice on employment matters, and advise on and negotiate settlements where appropriate.

We have experience in advising on non-contentious issues such as drafting contracts of employment, company policies and staff handbooks.

We regularly advise clients on:

  • Discrimination Claims
  • Employment Status
  • Employment Aspects of Commercial Transactions
  • Retrenchments & Dismissals
  • Employer & Employee Rights & Duties
  • Employer Policies And Procedures Including Dispute Resolutions

Alternative Dispute Resolution

At N M Aboo Attorneys we explore the core issues between the parties and the most appropriate method of resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides a number of methods for resolving disputes timeously and cost effectively. The different forms of ADR on which we advise include structured negotiation and mediation.

Estate Planning

Where we live, how we invest our money, our career development, wealth protection and estate planning all deserve careful attention and skilled advice.

In a busy world, however, it is easy to overlook the arrangement of our personal affairs. AtNM Aboo Attorneys, our aim is to help our clients make the most of their assets and investments. Our firm's approach to our clients' affairs is to establish a base for opportunity whilst ensuring that future security is not in any way jeopardised.

Our range of services includes:

  • Last Wills and Testaments
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Winding up of Deceased Estates

Family Law & Matrimony

Being involved in a family law dispute is always stressful and overwhelming.

During this time, any individual requires an expert who understands the process fully. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with one's emotional and financial struggles during this time.

NM ABoo Attorneys deal with the following in relation to family law & matrimony

  • Mediation between the parties
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Maintenance
  • Care & Contact Rights in Respect of Minor Children
  • Rule 43 Applications
  • Domestic Violence Issues
  • Antenuptial Contracts